LXHZ Walk-by Remote Meter Reader

The LXHZ Type RF Wireless Walk – by Remote Water Meter Reader with Valve Control (LXHZ RF Wireless Water Meter adopts Volumetric Type mechanical water meter. By integrating an RF Wireless and Infrared Communication Module, it enables remote meter reading, valve control and data query functions while walking past a Laison Prepaid Water Meter. It provides comprehensive, reliable and advanced smart meter solutions to water service providers. The meter has Real-time clock (RTC), real-time credit calculation, and monthly billing data etc. functions to provide real- time                water    consumption statistics. Moreover, it supports Open Case Detection & Anti- magnetic interference to prevent tampering and also has Event Record functions to provide accurate statistics of operation, warning & indication etc. during meters’ lifetime to Water Utility. The LXHZ complies with OIMLR49, ISO4064, NTC-1063 standards, and suitable for Laison Remote Management Information System (LAMIS).