Steve Muema, Founder/CEO

Message from the CEO

A Smart Way to Manage Water Utilities

The digital revolution has come to the Water Industry in Kenya, and it is our profound pleasure to introduce Kenya’s premier Smart/Prepaid Water Meter that supports mobile money payments such as Mpesa!

We are SwissQuest Water Supplies Ltd, a Utilities Technology Company specializing in the Supply, Installation & Management of Smart (Prepaid) Water Metering Solutions, and Prepaid Billing Information Management System Software.

Improving productivity and efficiency

Today’s Water utility Companies face a digital transformation of their organization and business, and Digitization has demonstrable impact on water utility Productivity & Efficiency. SwissQuest Water Co. Prepaid Water Meters & Billing Information Management System have positive impacts across the following Business & Technical Challenges faced by Water Utilities;

Performance Indicators

Performance Indicator Traditional Postpaid Water Metering Systems SwissQuest Prepaid Water Metering Systems
1 Revenue Collection Efficiency 50% – 70%  100%
2 Billing Efficiency  50% – 70%    100%  90%
3 Debtor Days (reduction) 30 Days – 120 Days 0 Days  
4 Operational Efficiency 50% – 60% 90% – 100%
5 Water Meter Reading Efficiency 30% – 50% 100%
6 Automation 50% 100%
7 Field Staff Fraud (reduction) 50% 100%
8 Meter Maintenance 50% 100%

So, let us help you with your Digital Strategy for your Water Utility Company!